Friday, 10 September 2010


Paul McKeever - Chairman Police Federation
of England & Wales

As supporters of the front line police officers in the UK, we are in total support of the efforts of Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England & Wales. Paul is not afraid to put his head above the parapet and stand up for the rank and file officers when it is clear that their position is being unfairly compromised or threatened.

Paul and support team, together with Federation representatives from forces all around the country were aghast recently, when the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), in a digraceful act of betrayal to their junior colleagues, compiled and forwarded a secret document to the Home Office, making 49 recommendations that included drastic slashing cuts to the pay and conditions of federated ranks. In a totally self serving and deceitful act, the Police chiefs submitted the secret document to the Home Office ahead of severe public spending cuts, suggesting that hundreds of millions of pounds could be saved. No recommendation was made by ACPO to accept any reductions to THEIR numbers or conditions.

ACPO have courted contraversy all too often in recent years, with many examples of profligate spending and nefarious activities with a shameful disregard for the rank and file officers who actually police our streets and keep us safe.

We are pleased to reprint here, an informed and impassioned plea from Paul McKeever, regarding the proposed budgetary cauts to UK policing, asking why other areas of the public sector are ring fenced, yet policing, which affects the quality of all of our lives, every day, looks set to face fiscal cuts that will impact on us all. To download the full transcript click here. Alternatively, click on the images below to enlarge.

Over to you Paul ....


Anonymous said...

Considering ACPO views and actions on Police 'reform', it is hardly surprising that they arive at the solutions they normally do. (1) They are so obviously protecting their own necks from the chopping block and (2) as many of them are already close to the end of their service, does it really matter?
I think you could say that was an excellent example of "Sod you jack, I'm alright"!

Anonymous said...

They largely keep the spreadsheet that would tell us the real spending secret. Something as radical as a salary cap at £60K and a pay cut on a sliding scale of 5 to 15% across the board is needed, along with pension decimation. The on-costs of redundancy and pensions are scary. Something like this would at least retain numbers.
This is problematic though, as there are further on-costs in courts, lawyers and prisons if cops do their job, especially if unleashed to do so.
I suspect the government wants much lower police numbers to "keep crime down" by rationing response and will thus keep ACPO to rule over this.
Uneasy as I am with it, cops are overpaid and dismally organised and I don't think this is a 'mistake'. Darker forces are at work than we know.

Crime Analyst said...

Psoted from Linked In polce Dicussion forms:

ACPO is a law unto itself - a private limited company that dictates policing policy; not subject to the Freedom of Information Act and not open to any public scrutiny. Their actions in recommending these cuts while not offering to sacrifice any of their own members interest go to show just how self-serving they are.

Posted by Ashley Wilce

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