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This is one police story that won't dissolve into the media ether in a hurry.

To begin with, let us examine what the NPIA is, and what it's supposed to do.

The NPIA stands for the National Police Improvement Agency. According to its website at http://www.npia.police.uk/

"Policing is vital to public safety, NPIA is part of the police service. Our purpose is to make a valuable contribution to improving public safety".

It goes on . . . .

"We provide a large and diverse portfolio of products and services designed to support the police service and wider policing family. Our market operates both in the UK and internationally. As a policing organisation we act as a central resource to ACPO and police forces, working with authorities and the Home Office to help improve the way policing works".

The NPIA has a variety of roles in policing, including stewardship of the DNA database and rolling out new technology and communications systems across the service.

The 'About Us' page on their website states "The NPIA was formed in April 2007, its purpose being to make a unique contribution to improving public safety".

The NPIA's purpose is to make a unique contribution to public safety. The business plan for 2009-10 sets out what they plan to do to achieve this and the objectives against which their performance will be measured.

It has been developed against a backdrop of changes to the police service and in society due to the economic slowdown. These things mean they need a business plan that is flexible and far-sighted.

Last year they promised to develop a strategy to cover all their work. The resulting National Improvement Strategy for Policing (NISP) is what they have based their business plan on. The aim is that NISP will help partners in ACPO, APA and the Home Office to take a long-term view about the police.

The NPIA Capabilities are listed as :-

• Strengthening leadership in the service at all levels
• Developing the skills and professionalism of the workforce
• Implementing effective operational processes, practice and doctrine
• Increasing the efficiency of service delivery by forces
• Transforming the way information, evidence, knowledge and science is used
• Continuously improving the delivery of national services
• Enhancing the UK's role in global security.

This all sounds very commendable on paper. The NPIA is tasked with the job of increasing police efficiency and to improve standards within the service. It would not seem unreasonable to expect that the agency charged with this important responsibility, should lead by example, setting the highest moral standards.

The Times newspaper recently revealed that in fact the NPIA, rather than setting a fine example to the service, is disgracing it still further with its “gravy boat” culture at the very top of British policing.

Let's start with its Chief Constable, Peter Neyroud (pictured above).

Mr Neyroud is the £195,000 a year boss of the Agency. Not an unreasonable salary you might think, taking into account the level of responsibility associated with the position. However, Mr Neyroud’s employment package includes a Westminster apartment — in a block that has a gym, pool, sauna and valet parking — within walking distance of the agency offices. It cost the taxpayer £23,200 in 2008-09.

As a perk of the job, the flat has an income tax demand of approximately £9,000 a year, which the NPIA confirmed it has paid for a number of years. Sources from Revenue & Customs described the situation as “unusual” and pointed out that if the NPIA was paying Mr Neyroud’s tax bill that amounted to another perk, which was also liable to tax.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the campaign group, the Taxpayers’ Alliance condemned the package saying “It is appalling that this quango is spending taxpayers’ money on swanky accommodation for their top brass while frontline policing struggles to get the job done on limited resources. The NPIA shouldn’t be handing out these generous benefits at all, and it certainly shouldn’t be trying to cover the cost of tax on them as well. Taxpayers and ordinary police officers are incredibly frustrated by this kind of waste.”

The NPIA is spends £19 million a year on consultants and recently employed an external contractor as its director of resources, paying him £296,000 — including accommodation costs — not a bad little number for seven months work.

The Agency senior managers have faced criticism before. They shared £82,000 in bonuses in 2008-09 and earlier this year Peter Holland, its chairman, claimed £46,000 expenses in two years — including £2,800 on meals at the RAC Club in Pall Mall.

An NPIA spokesman defended the provision of a second home for Mr Neyroud and his deputy, stating that his family home is more than 120 miles from London. In fact, it seems that Mr Neyroud's permanent home is actually 50 miles from London and in an area where many London commuters live.

One Oxford resident commented in the Times : “Neyroud lives in Oxford and was our chief constable. That’s 45 miles from London, not the 120 listed. Oxford is within easy commuting distance. I and tens of thousands of others do it every day without the need for public subsidy or our tax bills paid. I do not think I have seen a worse case of public sector greed”.

Closer examination of the most recent NPIA accounts make interesting reading too.

• 2008-09 accounts show Mr Neyroud was paid £190-195,000 p.a. with benefits in kind of £14,331.
• His lump sum pension at age 60 £600-605,000
• The role of Director of Resources was filled by Donald Muir, a contractor, from 1 July 2008 until 15 February 2009. Fees for this service, including accommodation costs met by the NPIA, amounted to £296,000.
• The Director of Resources, John Beckerleg, left on 30 June 2008 and received a severence payment, including lieu of notice, of £64,000.
• The Chief Executive Officer (Neyroud) and Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Barker-McCardle ) are provided with accommodation as part of their role. The cost of this, in 2008/09, was £23,200 and £22,900 respectively.
• The NPIA is currently reviewing the tax treatment and will bear any tax that may fall due.
• Jim Barker-McCardle (Deputy) was paid £160-165,000
• His lump sum pension at age 60 £505-510,000
• Peter Holland, Chairman was paid £95-100,000
• 4 other senior management are collectively paid £535-555,000
• 2032 staff (Why??) 1258 permanent, 64 Home Office staff, 266 seconded officers, 444 temp contractors with staff costs of £101,211,000 (£91million 07/08)
• They own land and buildings worth £70,762,000 {Inc Bramshill}(conveniently similar to the £70million Alan Johnson wants to knock off the overtime bill). Private sector businesses often sell property and have it rented back to them to realise cash (called sale & leaseback).
• They own dwellings worth £3,062,000 & vehicles worth £1,549,000
• Plant & machinery £3,580,000
• Communications equipment £138,142,000
• IT Hardware £28,710,000
• Web Development £1,020,000
• Fixtures & fittings £6,797,000
• ANTIQUES £2,113,000
• Assets Under Contruction (?) £21,445,000

Total Tangible Assets £278,361,000

• They are owed £34,850,000
• They owe £71,729,000
• Cash in bank and at hand £5,245,000
• Cash in bank/at hand same time 2008 £42,254,000
• Fixed and current assets total £345million
• Deducting liabilities, the balance sheet is positive to the tune of £257million


The following are services that the NPIA should be charging out more than they cost to deliver, but look at this :-

Fees and Charges


• Fingerprint identification (IDENT1) 32,973,000
• Police National Computer (PNC) 29,526,000
• National DNA Database (NDNAD) 9,517,000
• Project support charges 42,709,000
• Other information services 70,918,000
• Information services 185,643,000
• Exams and Assessment 5,427,000
• Learning and Development Services 16,840,000
• Leadership Development Services 6,646,000
• Other people and development services 12,290,000
• People and development services 41,203,000
• Property recharges 22,432,000,000
Total Costs £285,870,000


Total Income £49,784,000

Deficit -£236,086,000
In short, from the accounts, it appears that they are spending hundreds of millions more than they receive in fees and grants from forces and the Home Office.

If this were a private sector company, some serious questions would need to be asked. They do not appear to be generating surplus (profit) at all, and as such the £236million deficit on services would appear to be a direct taxpayer drain.

There were suggestions on the Times site for a Home Office Investigation to be conducted. This would be totally wrong. Any enquiry should be independent of political influence.

The Times article received many positive posts from readers, a number of whom were sympathetic with the frontline officers who are being well and truly stiffed rotten by the Chiefs.

There was a time when the distinction of high rank in public service, together with the job security and the prospect of a gong, was thought compensation enough for a chief constable’s modest pay. But now that is clearly no longer enough for them.

Alas, the same is true everywhere in the upper echelons of the state sector, where the spirit of public service has been supplanted by naked greed.

There is undoubtedly a great deal of good work done by ACPO, the APA and the NPIA. However, for public confidence to be fully restored, accountability must begin at the top, with full transparency and independent scrutiny of each agency to assess its viability and value to the srvice and tax paying public.

On the basis on what we have seen here and revealed in previous reports view here and here there is a lot of dirty washing that needs airing before any progress will be made.

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Laith Alani, 41, an Iraqi immigrant who is a paranoid schizophrenic, has won the right to stay in Britain after a judge ruled he would pose a danger to the public in his homeland.

An immigration tribunal decided that he should not be deported to Iraq because it would breach his human rights and put people there at risk.

Alani killed Michael Masser and Kenneth Paton, both consultant cosmetic surgeons, at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in November 1990. Alani has spent the past 19 years in a secure hospital after he stabbed the two NHS consultants because he believed he had received a "command from Allah".

Alani had come into contact with the two doctors after being referred to their clinic for removal of a tattoo from his arm – a picture of an eagle above the words "Republic of Iraq" – because he claimed the adornment was against his religion. He became concerned about how long he would have to wait for the procedure, and even tried to remove the tattoo himself by scraping his arm with a knife.

He appealed to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) where a panel led by Lance Waumsley, a senior immigration judge, ruled that he could remain in the UK. Apparently, one of the reasons given by the judges was that if Alani was sent back to Iraq he would be unlikely to receive medicine which keeps his paranoid schizophrenia under control.

Alani was understood to have been receiving the drug clozapine on the NHS for 10 years, and the AIT was told it was the only medication found suitable to treat his mental condition.

The family of Kenneth Paton, one of the two doctors stabbed to death by Laith Alani, have expressed “alarm” that his killer could soon be living freely in the UK. Mr Paton's widow, Dorothy, from Ossett, near Wakefield, told the paper: "I think he should be deported. I argued that at the time of the trial. I think he is going to be a danger to people in Britain. He is a dangerous man."

Dr Hamish Paton, the victim’s son, said the family had never been notified of moves to release or deport Alani. “We should certainly have been informed that his case was being reviewed, especially the issue of whether he should be deported,” he said. “It is an issue of great concern if they say he is highly likely to relapse if he stops taking his medication. If he committed another similar crime that would be truly appalling.”

Hamish, 47, a hospital consultant, called for a review of the system used assess and release offenders like Alani, so that officials were held accountable for their decisions. “Any person who decides Alani should remain in this country should be personally responsible for his supervision,” he said. “And they should take responsibility if anything goes wrong. I think judges and courts who make these decisions should stand by them should anything go wrong.”

He added: “There seems to be a strong bias towards his rights and not the rights of the British people.”


Munir Hussain outside his home

Gordon Brown, no doubt with the election firmly in mind, has jumped on the political bandwagon following the decision by the Lord Chief Justice to reduce Hussain's sentence to a suspended term and added: "The law should lean as far as possible on the side of the householder."

Better late than never Mr B, pity your timing is so poor that it smacks of vote catching tactics.

Following the raid on Hussain's home in September 2008, one of the raiders, Walid Salem suffered injuries inflicted by Hussain who caught up with his attacker as he fled the house in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. In August last year, Salem, 57, described as a creer criminal, successfully persuaded a judge at Reading Crown Court that he was suffering brain damage and could not be tried for attacking Mr Hussain. He also received an absolute discharge for alleged offences of possession counterfeit credit cards, a forged UK driving licence and handling stolen goods, where had allegedly been committed months before the raid on Hussain's home, after successfully arguing he was unfit to plead in that case too.

Walid Salem (57) Career Criminal

Salem was given a two-year supervision order and allowed to walk free after doctors said he was too brain damaged to enter a plea.

But the 57-year-old,  has since been arrested on suspicion of other crimes - raising questions about the severity of his injuries. Egyptian-born Salem's list of more than 50 convictions stretches back to 1980.

Despite crimes including possessing a firearm and 27 theft offences, the longest prison sentence he received was 42 months.

The Crown Prosecution Service has faced growing pressure for him to stand trial for his role in the raid on Mr Hussain's family home.

Salem and two masked accomplices carrying 12in knives forced their way into the millionaire's house and threatened to kill him, his wife and their three children.

So far no one has been brought to justice for that attack.

Within weeks of being ruled too brain damaged to enter a plea for the attack on Mr Hussain and his family, Salem embarked on another crime spree. He was given an absolute discharge at St Albans Crown Court last November over five new charges after the court was again told that he was unfit to plead. He is also being investigated over other alleged offences.

Michael Wolkind QC, who acted for Mr Hussain at his trial, said: "The fact he [Salem] has gone on to allegedly commit further offences suggests he cannot be significantly brain-damaged. If he is committing further offences then the prosecution should re-examine the findings and bring in new psychiatrists to have a fresh look."

Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, said: "Our criminal justice system will only be credible if it is seen to look after the victims of crime and not allow those who commit offences to get away with it".

Tory MP Philip Davies said: "What this man did to Mr Hussain was absolutely horrendous and he should be in prison for it, regardless of any other offences he may have committed. No civilised society should be forced to tolerate this man causing carnage wherever he goes".

Guy Dehn, director of the charity Witness Confident, which campaigns against violent crime, said: 'If he is fit enough to commit crimes then surely he must be fit enough to stand trial? 'I'm sure the general public will be wondering if he can really be as ill as it has been claimed.'

The cases illustrated in this post highlight the crippled state of the Criminal Justice System in this country.

The victims of crime have long since been treated scandalously by the state and the system.

A previous article from these pages detailed how Gordon Brown and his Government have shown an abhorrent lack of compassion for the victims of crime

The Labour Government have ploughed so much funding into committees to encourage a politically advantageous "Victim Focused" strategy of policing, yet fail to deliver when it comes to supporting the tragic real victims, the families that experience bereavement through criminal acts. This includes families of police officers.

The National Victims Association provide a comprehensive advocacy, advice, counselling and support service to families bereaved through murder or manslaughter, and are widely regarded by many Government Ministers, statutory agencies, Police forces and Churches as the leading Charity specialising in this field of work.The work of the National Victims Association has been repeatedly spurned by Gordon Brown who has "previous" for refusing to speak to the association when approached.

What Gordon Brown says...

“Every child is precious and irreplaceable and the death of a child is an unbearable sorrow that no parent should ever have to endure.”

House of Commons, 25th Feb 2009

What Gordon Brown does...

The Prime Minister has, for over a year, resolutely refused to acknowledge multiple requests to meet several NVA parents bereaved through murder. In May 2008 and on behalf of the families of 38 homicide victims - including one triple murder and two serving police officers - NVA wrote to Prime Minister Gordon Brown requesting a meeting to discuss their plight. He refused.


The appeal we would make to the future Government, whose responsibility it will be to fix "Broken Britain" and our crippled Criminal Justice System, is to focus on the "Broken British" first. We pay the taxes that put you in power and keep you there. We place our trust in you to manage our society and look after OUR interests FIRST.
Make whatever changes you have to, in order to restore our faith in the crumbling state of our country. Apply the common sense the average member of the public screams out for. STOP the ridiculous state of affairs where the victim ends up worse off than the attacker. STOP the scandalous waste of resources and taxpayers money on issues that prejudicially affect the welfare of the British citizen.
The right steps to restoring public confidence in the political and judicial system is by your ACTIONS.
No more rhetoric, no more blame, just take action and show us you understand the common sense requirements of the average tax payer. Find more ways to communicate with us.
Ask us WHAT WE WANT ON A REGULAR BASIS, don't assume that the ideas conjured up by your advisors reflect what the British people want. Listen to your front liners more than the senior management, in policing, health, education, probation, social services and all the other public sectors. Spend more time listening to the front liners in society rather than the often over paid managers, many of whom have lost their way.
RESTORE A SPIRIT OF FAIRNESS and our confidence will come flooding back to you.

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We are pleased to report that Chris Grayling MP, the Shadow Home Secretary, is a regular visitor to these pages. We have also received communication from the office of David Cameron, to the effect that he has viewed the site and recent reports.

Chris has asked that we pass on his best New Year wishes and thanks to all police officers.

We are keen that his thanks are seen by as many officers as possible. His letter, received by us today is reprinted below. Please feel free to download a copy of the letter for distribution. Click here for a copy in pdf format, or the image below to see the letter magnified.

We are happy to pass on his letter, and would like to wish David, Chris and the team every success with the task that lies ahead.

Crime Analysis Team
Nice 1 Limited

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In recent years the British people have been increasingly denied their democratic rights. On issue after issue, the views of the majority of British people have been ignored and overridden by politically correct elite with its own agenda. All this in a country that invented modern Parliamentary democracy.

On immigration, on capital punishment, on the surrender of British sovereignty to the EU and in numerous other areas, democracy has been eroded as politicians fail to offer the British people real choice on such vital issues.

We are owed that choice and we should restore and defend the basic democratic rights we have all been denied. More REAL democracy, not less, at national, regional and local levels is what is required.

Unchecked, mass immigration at the current level will mean that Britain will become a Third World nation well within two generations. All these facts point to the extinguishing of the British identity through immigration. Something must be done if the British people are to retain their homeland and identity.

We have compiled the facts about the scandal of UK immigration in our latest report. To view or download a copy, click here. This report should be read in conjunction with our previous report "The Disgraceful Truth of the Labour immigration Strategy" The latest report is also available in the "View Our Reports" sidebar on the right of this page.

The current unrestricted, uncontrolled immigration has led higher crime rates, demand for more housing, extra strain on the environment, traffic congestion, longer hospital waiting lists, lower educational standards, higher income tax, lower wages, high unemployment, a loss of British identity, a breakdown in community spirit, more restrictive policing, higher council taxes, a shortage of council homes, higher levels of stress and unhappiness and a fragmented community.

These are some of the consequences of uncontrolled immigration, a massive financial burden on the taxpayer that should be spend on UK solutions, a broken criminal justice system, prison overcrowding, a broken society with a rapidly eroding sense of national heritage and culture.

The problem of immigration has nothing to do with race, creed or culture.

It has everything to do with overcrowding and a politically motivated attempt by ministers to transform the fundamental make-up and identity of this country. The Government immigration strategy of ethnic cleansing was devised and implemented with the deliberate intention to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions.

It was done to destroy what it means to be culturally British and to put another 'multicultural' identity in its place. And it was done without telling or asking the British people whether they wanted their country and their culture to be transformed in this way.


• A migrant now arrives nearly every minute.
• We must build a new home every six minutes for new migrants.
• England is already the most crowded country in Europe (except Malta)
• Immigration will add 7 million to the population of England in the next 20 years – that is the equivalent of 7 cities with the population of Birmingham.
• To keep the population of the UK below 70 million, immigration must be reduced by 75%. Government measures so far may reduce it by 5%.


According to figures from the Office of National Statistics, immigrants send home about £4 billion a year in remittances back to their home countries. When this is added to the previously estimated cost of immigration to Britain of £8.8 billion, the grand total of £12.8 billion is reached.

Immigration costs Britain £12.8 billion per year: 10 times the NHS Deficit and 40% more than the foreign aid budget.


Given current demographic trends, we, the indigenous British people, will become an ethnic minority in our own country well within sixty years – and most likely sooner.

All the signs are there:

• 84% of all current UK citizenship applications are from the Third World
• 14%of all primary school children do not have English as a mother tongue
• 316 primary schools in England have a majority of children whose first language is not English
• Non-indigenous births will soon account for more than half of all the babies born in Britain
• Over the next twenty five years, immigration will account for 40% of all new households in this country
• 3.7 million legal migrants have entered this country since 1997 – and 2.5 million are from outside the EU
• At least 20% of the currently resident population was either born overseas or are descendants of foreign-born parents.

According to the House of Commons Hansard entry for March 7 2009, there were 27,525 new citizenship applications being processed by the UK Borders Agency.

23,062 are from Third World nations

• 1,715 were born in the UK, applying for UK citizenship, and their parents’ country of origin is not stated
• 269 of these applications are from people born inside the European Union1904 are from traditionally majority European countries which are outside the EU
• 361 applications are from South Africa, of which the majority is likely to be of European or British origin.

The breakdown of the countries of origin of these applicants is contained in the report.

SIR ANDREW GREEN of Migrationwatch on immigration comments:
"In the past 10 years we have seen a massive increase in immigration to the UK. Together with Holland, we are now the most crowded country in Europe, and the increase in our population is putting pressure on our primary schools, our maternity wards and our housing. The EU’s expansion to the east has brought around 500,000 extra people to the UK, but in the long term the issue will be with people arriving from the rest of the world — from Asia, Africa and the Far East. There are clearly some cultural and economic benefits from immigration, but there is no question that the failure of the government’s immigration policy over the past 10 years has played directly into the hands of right-wing extremists like the BNP, whose strongest card is the chaos of the immigration system and the way in which working-class areas are being changed beyond recognition. We are at a turning point, and it is for the main political parties to decide whether they are going to adopt serious immigration policies and take the sting out of the extremists or continue to hide away from the issue." June 1, 2009


Take a look at the foreign nationals in our prisons:

Population in prison by nationality – 30th June 2009

• All nationalities 83,454
• British nationals 71,231 85%
• Foreign nationals 11,350 14%
• Not recorded 874 1%

The Foreign National Prison Population is represented by :

• Africa 2,897 3%
• Asia 2,456 3%
• America 302 0.36%
• N America 137 0.16%
• Europe 3,617 4%
• Middle East 595 1%
• Oceania* 52 0.06%
• W Indies 1,289 2%
• Other 5 0.01%

*(Australia, New Zealand, Fiji) (We have the numbers by individual country).

14% of our prison population is foreign nationals. The Prison Service states that each prisoner is housed at a tax payer cost of £30,000 per year. That is a staggering total of £340,500,000 per year.

If these foreign criminals were returned to their country of origin, this would solve the prison overcrowding problem, and empower our courts to impose correct sentences for UK offenders who, all too often get away with a judicial slap on the wrist. Issues associated with immigration add further massive burdens on our police and judicial system, not only in financial terms (including the many millions required to provide interpreter services), but also with regard to the additional crime committed by this sector of the community.

There are those that say (including certain diversity obsessed Chief Officers of Police), that crime has not risen disproportionately when measured against the population increase. HOGWASH! The fact remains, that these are additional crimes committed by visitors to this country, who abuse the hospitality and generosity extended to them. At the moment, the criminal fraternity, including the law breaking element of the foreign national community is laughing at the farce of British justice.

Immigration is way out of control. Britain’s population is now over 60 million and rising. Not only is Britain increasingly overcrowded, but a country is the product of its people, and if you change the people you inevitably change the nature of the country.


When key criminal justice and immigration facts for England and Wales are compared alongside each other, the picture becomes clear. The net migration figure (the inflow less the outflow) has more than doubled in the last ten years.

Recorded crime has reduced, however as we have reported from these pages previously, in the article "Top Cops Are Fiddling The Crime Figures" recorded crime statistics can no longer be given any credence.

The increased prison population is a measure of the success of our front line police officers. The startling statistic, supporting our view that immigration has a major impact on crime, is the percentage of prisoners that are foreign nationals. This figure has stood at 14% for 5 years, having doubled since labour came to power, costing the taxpayer a staggering £1.7 Billion across the period.

Whilst not included in this report, we have compiled the recorded crime, police strength, population growth, prison population and foreign national and immigration statistics for the 12 years of Labour Government. The composite picture when all the statistics are viewed together is a sad indictment on how they have decimated the social fabric of our nation.


The latest report contains the recommendations of Migration Watch and Balanced Migration, the two main apolitical organisations responsible for so much of the excellent information collated over recent years.

We want Britain returned to the way it has traditionally been. Britain always will have ethnic minorities and most have no problem with this as long as it does not change nor seek to change the fundamental culture and identity of the indigenous majority.

The current unrestricted, uncontrolled situation has contributed to higher crime rates, increased pressure on the police and criminal justice system, prison overcrowding, a demand for more housing, an extra strain on the environment, traffic congestion, longer hospital waiting lists, lower educational standards, higher income tax, lower wages, high unemployment, a loss of British identity, a breakdown in community spirit, more restrictive policing, higher council taxes, a shortage of council homes, higher levels of stress and unhappiness and a fragmented community.

A measure of immigration and cultural diversity is indeed good for a country. Sadly, the immigration strategy of the Labour Government had nothing to do with enhancing British culture and society by broadening the mix. It was implemented for perverse political reasons that risk the destruction of its defining character altogether.

Other countries would not tolerate millions of immigrants taking over their society and miminising the value of its tradition, heritage and culture. Japan would not do it; China would not do it; India would not do it; Pakistan would not do it – so why should Britain?

Each nation has the right to maintain its own traditional culture and identity. The right of India to remain Indian, the right of China to remain Chinese, the right of Pakistan to remain Pakistani and the right of Saudi Arabia to remain Saudi does not mean that any of these nations have to “hate” anybody else. All it means is that they wish to preserve their identity and national existence.

This is all we want for Britain – the right to be British and the right to openly celebrate events like Christmas that we have celebrated for centuries, without fearing the imaginary offence this might cause.

Is this such an extreme request? Is this so unreasonable? – NO! In fact, it is perfectly normal and completely in line with the rights granted to every other nation and in accord with international law.

Friday, 8 January 2010


As usual, the latest crime figures (September to November 2009), are pure fantasy, but at least the Chief Officers will get their 15-20% bonuses (except Gwent, who are the only force to report an increase in crime).

It’s hardly surprising that no one gives them any credibility. In the real world, we would expect to see monthly or geographical variances. You would have thought that they would have employed someone with half a brain to spot that not every force will achieve a crime reduction every month, month in month out.

Greed has taken over in the upper echelons of the police now, and we have reported on this in some detail in previous articles.

Unfortunately, it's the guys at the sharp end who face the real consequences of it all. Forces showing consistent decreases will be seen to have crime under control and will be those who face the cutbacks. (Probably the basis for Alan Johnsons overtime cuts - he has heard the positive message for so long, he believes his own p.r.)
Ah well, at least the Chiefs will get a nice fat pay packet this month, even if they didn't turn up in the snow!

We should not be surprised to see the continued illusion of reduced crime when so much of the Chief Officer bonus is paid out to create the illusory effect of crime reduction. Chief Officers can receive as much as 15% on top of their six figure basic pay to report reductions in crime and increased detections. Little wonder with such an inducement that month after month we see a reduction in crime posted. To see the previous post about the top cops pay and crime scandal click here. To see our detailed report click here.
Very timely this article, a few weeks after Rodger Patrick, a retired Detective Chief Inspector from the West Midlands Police, claimed in the Telegraph that manipulative methods are tacitly approved of by senior officers, police watchdogs and the Home Office.

The techniques – dubbed “gaming” – are used to create the illusion that fewer crimes are being committed and that a bigger proportion are being solved.

The claims will inflame the debate about crime statistics after recent figures suggested that crime fell four per cent in the second quarter of last year.

The techniques identified by Dr Patrick include:

“Cuffing” – in which officers make crimes disappear from official figures by either recording them as a “false report” or downgrading their seriousness. For example, a robbery in which a mobile phone is stolen with violence or threats of violence is recorded as “theft from the person”, which is not classed as a violent crime.

“Stitching” – from “stitching up”, whereby offenders are charged with a crime when there is insufficient evidence. Police know that prosecutors will never proceed with the case but the crime appears in police records to have been “solved”.

“Skewing” – when police activity is directed at easier-to-solve crimes to boost detection rates, at the expense of more serious offences such as sex crimes or child abuse.

“Nodding” – where clear-up rates are boosted by persuading convicted offenders to admit to crimes they have not committed, in exchange for inducements such as a lower sentence.

Dr Patrick, who researched the subject for a PhD, said: “The academics call this ‘gaming’ but front line police officers would call it fiddling the figures, massaging the books or, the current favourite term, ‘good housekeeping’. It is a bit like the police activities that we all thought stopped in the 1970s.”

The article cited lots of real life examples and one detective, who declined to be named, said: “Name any crime and I’ll tell you how it can be fiddled.”

Simon Reed, vice-chairman of the Police Federation, which represents front line officers, said: “This research demonstrates that senior officers are directing and controlling widespread manipulation of crime figures.

“The public are misled, politicians can claim crime is falling and chief officers are rewarded with performance-related bonuses.”

Rank and file officers were told in 2002 that informal police warnings could no longer be counted as a detection for common assaults. Within 12 months the number of recorded common assaults dropped from 22,000 to 3,000 while thousands more crimes switched to the category “other woundings”.

“Such a rapid adjustment indicates the organisational nature of the phenomenon and suggests some form of co-ordination and direction by management,” the research said.

“The scale of the ‘gaming’ behaviours measured in this thesis … suggested senior officers were either directly orchestrating the behaviour or turning a blind eye to it.”

Dr Patrick believes other gaming techniques are still being used in forces across the country.

The report also warned that the use of “stitching” was “significant”, while “cuffing” had continued after the introduction of Home Office rules which were supposed to guarantee and standardise the way crimes are recorded.

“Cuffing” can involve a situation where a victim of crime is accused of making a false crime report, and is therefore treated like a suspect rather than an injured party, Dr Patrick said. “You cannot have members of the public who have been victims of crime coming to the police for help and being treated like suspects. That is not right and it will erode confidence in the police,” he said.

He was scathing of HMIC’s failure to tackle the problem, noting there were no examples of chief police officers being publicly criticised by inspectors for this type of crime figure manipulation.

To see the Telegraph article by Dr Patrick click here.

Crime Analysis Team
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Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Government Pantomime 2010 – The Wizard Of Oz

The Pantomime season is upon us, and New Labour have already started rehearsing their parts, as was witnessed by Jack Straws' perfomance last week!

Here's our take on the Pantomine farce that Labour expect everyone to sit back, enjoy, and clap loudly with appreciation!

Starring :-
  • Gordon Brown as the Great and Powerful Oz
  • Jack Straw as (you’ve guessed it!) The Scarecrow with no brain
  • Alan Johnson as the Cowardly Lion with no courage
  • Peter Mandelson as the Tim Man with no heart
  • Harriet Harman as Dippy Dorothy
  • John Prescott as Toto The lapdog
We all know the story so let’s jump forward to the scene at Number 10, the Emerald Palace, where our heroes have killed Wicked Witch “Maggie” of Britain and now want their reward. As they enter the great hall, the booming voice of OZ bellows “I can’t believe my eyes, why have you come back?” 

Dorothy: “Please, sir. We've done what you told us. We've brought you the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of Britain. It took us twelve years, but we’ve done it, we’ve melted her. We’ve ruined her economy, we’ve flooded her country with immigrants, we’ve strangled her health and justice system with mountains of paperwork, and we’ve done such a good job on her police force, confidence is at an all time low. They really tried to beat the system you told us to put in place to do the job properly, but we beat them! - So we'd like you to keep your promise to us, if you please, sir. We want to be re elected so we can keep playing this great expenses game.”

OZ booms out : “Not so fast! Not so fast! I'll have to give the matter a little thought. Go away and come back tomorrow!”

Dorothy: “Tomorrow? Oh, but I want to be re-elected now.

TIN MAN: “You've had plenty of time already! Twelve years in fact”

LION: “Yeah!

OZ: “Do not arouse the wrath of the Great and Powerful Oz! I said come back tomorrow!”

At which point, Toto scampers over to a curtain in the left of the great hall, and starts to pull at it.

DOROTHY: “If you were really great and powerful, you'd keep your promises!”

OZ: “Do you presume to criticize the Great Oz? You ungrateful creatures! – you don’t know much about this political wizardry stuff do you? We never actually keep our promises. The trick is to make everyone think we have! If we can’t do that, then we wait till its time to re elect the Wizard and we blame everyone else, like the police, just ask the Straw-Man – he’s the expert! – Good job this week with the coppers Scarecrow – that will really fool the voters!”

Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal the Wizard behind the curtain, at the controls of the throne apparatus . . . . . They all see him for what he really is, a pathetic excuse for a wizard after all.
OZ: “Think yourselves lucky that I'm giving you audience over the next few months, instead of twenty years from now. Oh -- oh oh! The Great Oz has spoken!

Seeing the curtain has been pulled back and his pretence at Wizardry revealed, the Wizard peers out from behind the curtain -

DOROTHY: “Who are you?”

OZ: “Well, I -- I -- I am the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz”

DOROTHY: “I don't believe you!”

WIZARD: “No, I'm afraid it's true. There's no other Wizard except me”.

SCARECROW: “You humbug! I could do the job better than you”

LION: “Yeah!”

WIZARD: “Yes-s-s -- that...that's exactly so. I'm a humbug!”

DOROTHY: “...you're a very bad man!”

WIZARD: “Oh, no, my dear -- I'm -- I'm a very good man. I'm just a very bad Prime Minister, I mean Wizard. Uh - now, please don't be angry with me. I'll - I'll do anything you say, only... only if you don't shout at me. It makes me nervous!”

SCARECROW: “It makes you nervous?”

WIZARD: “Yes. I get scared you want my throne”

SCARECROW: “What about us? What about the heart that you promised Tin Man-delson?” And the courage that you promised Cowardly A-Lion? (Alan – geddit?)

TIN MAN & LION: “And Scarecrow's brain?”

WIZARD: “Well, I-- but you've got them. You've had them all the time! Boys, you're aiming low. You not only surprise, but you grieve me. Except you Tin Man, no one would believe you had a heart even if I could give you one".

steps closer to the Scarecrow --

WIZARD: “Why, anybody can have a brain. That's a very mediocre commodity. every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the earth – or slinks through slimy stuff like you do, has a brain! Back where I come from we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts -- and with no more brains than you have.... But! They have one thing you haven't got! A diploma in deception!”

The Wizard reaches back and obtains several diplomas – selecting one and presents it to the Scarecrow as Dorothy, Tin Man and the Lion look on –

WIZARD: “Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Universitatus Committeeatum e plurbis unum, I hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of D.D”.

SCARECROW: “D.D.? - hope it's more authentic than the honorary degrees they threw at me”

WIZARD: “Yeah -- that...that's Dr. of Deception! – Look at how well you’re deceiving the Wicked Witches people into believing their policemen like staying in the station more than catching crooks – better still, you’re getting them to believe that none of the problems are our fault – your already brilliant Straw-Man!”

The Scarecrow recites the Pythagoras Theorem -- reacting with joy –

SCARECROW: “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. Oooh, I feel lots more deceptive stuff coming on . . . Do you know I went to a Grammar School and then got my buddies to oppose selective education? I got a full grant at University – then my pals brought in student loans. Here’s a good one… I refused to join the Cadet Corps at school on conscientious grounds – then we sent thousands of soldiers to war. I ordered a review into police use of cautions in Nov 2009 – then my son escaped a criminal record by being cautioned for drugs offences in 1997. I spent £170,000 of taxpayers' money on fancy artwork to decorate my offices, £130 million
refurbishing headquarters, and £2,745,000 on new furniture and fittings - £915 per square foot, 18 times the cost of standard refurbishment in the private sector. What a wheeze this is! This is just the tip of the iceberg too – I used my MP’s expenses to claim full council tax despite only paying a 50% rate – and I’m the Justice Secretary! Oh joy, rapture! I've got a brain after all - ! – What’s that other thing I’m missing? – Integrity and honesty? – Pah! Who needs them when I can fool the voters I’m an alright sort of bloke! ”

SCARECROW: “How can I ever thank you enough?”

WIZARD: “Well, you can't. Well actually, there is one thing. Keep doing what you’re doing - making the voters believe it’s all somebody else’s fault. You never know, we, might get enough of the daft beggars to vote for us again and we can keep this gravy train rolling!”

Last week, Jack Straw's remarks about lazy coppers are politically driven and imply he knows little about the nature of grassroots policing.

Labour has an election ahead, and if, as seems likely, they don’t win, Jack Straw will be a candidate to lead the party. Little wonder the “Straw-man” has jumped on the police-bashing bandwagon. He knows the majority of people only encounter the police when being stopped for a minor motoring offence, or when the police are failing to clear up a deeply distressing crime. In the words of one senior officer who disliked Mr Straw's remarks, this was a cheap shot.

In fact, his comments amount to treacherous hypocrisy. Straw's four years as home secretary from 1997 to 2001 gave birth to the bureaucracy and crippling procedures and statistical fiddling that have prevented our police officers from doing their job the way they and we would want – and these deceptions were born and led from the Home Office. The police ceased to be crime-fighters and became an instrument for the imposition of political correctness. New Labour came in to power with a perverted set of beliefs about minorities, and made the police the enforcers of their doctrines. Criminal Justice spiraled downhill from that point.

Mr Straws priorities were to appease minorities first, fight crime second. Essentially bureaucratic, it was assisted by the 3000+ laws and regulations inflicted on the police by the Government of which Mr Straw has always been a very senior member. Sadly, some greedy and ambitious chief constables implemented a doctrine of political correctness that brought their officers into contempt and boosted the crime figures.

The police have been put in fear of their livelihoods from nonsense accusations of racism or homophobia from the public. It has stopped capable officers doing what they expected to do when they joined the force – fight crime and protect the public. It has left them with some leaders who are completely out of touch with the public and what proper policing should look like. The saddest consequence is that it has given birth to sections of society where delinquency and criminality are second nature. It will take a courageous Government to sort the mess that has become the legacy of New labour.

Don’t expect the "Straw-man" to admit his part in all this. But make no mistake, he has played a very significant role throughout the twelve years of Labour mis-management. Those senior police officers who have perpetuated the deceit of successful policing to further their ambition are unlikely to admit to their part in the deception either. The result is that society has become more dangerous and a large section of it has lost its moral compass.

Serving, retired and former police officers take great exception to the remarks made by Jack Straw about lazy coppers who would rather stay in a warm police station than patrol their beats.

As a former home secretary with responsibility for policing, Jack Straw has in the past shown great support for the police. It can be no coincidence that he has waited twelve years, until a few months prior to the election to make his comments. The “Man of Straw” surely cannot believe that any intelligent voter will fail to see through his latest deception. As Home Secretary, then Justice Secretary, let us remind you Jack…. You are responsible for the Criminal Justice system we now have to fix. You broke it with your idiotic and subversive policies. And now you expect us to be taken in by your efforts to shift the blame onto the front liners who have been forced to implement your failed strategies.

There are too many forms and strangling levels of bureaucracy and Straw should shoulder most of the responsibility.

Straw is now working to his own political agenda, so don’t be surprised to hear lots more of this nonsense and fingerpointing. Just remember this Jack. “When you point your index finger at the frontline police, look at the direction your middle, ring and pinky finger are pointing…. Three fingers pointing straight back at YOU!”

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