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A widely held view from the front line of policing is that there are “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians on the ground”. Officers report that their forces are top heavy with Chiefs and Senior Management ranks, causing confusion with a blurring of responsibilities. This causes inconsistencies in strategy with one Chiefs’ flavour of the month project being superseded by another, often opposite viewpoint, sometimes within weeks or months of the first being issued. Our report investigates.


Recent reports from HMIC and the Audit Commission revealed that the numbers of warranted police officers actually policing our frontline during any one eight hour period in England & Wales, is as low as 10% of the 143,000 warranted officer numbers engaged by forces.

The findings in this report question the abilities of Senior Officers to effectively manage resources through times of austerity, ensuring that the safety of the public and officers remain a priority.

The last Government was shown to manipulate and spin statistics systematically to present itself in the best possible light.

This report examines the most current published data related to offences reported to the police and Offences Brought To Justice or OBTJ (Detections). The period covered is April to June 2010 for reported offences and a full year of detections to 31st March 2010 compared with the same period ending 31st March 2009.

The results will surprise you.

Stronger expressions leap to mind when senior police pay scales are revealed, showing who gets paid what.  It is then that the real scandal emerges and more obvious and suitable targets for reduction jump off the page. In these desperate times for the private sector, hard-pressed taxpayers can only gasp at the lavish secret perks paid to senior police officers.

At a time when public sector pay excesses are under close scrutiny, it is shocking to discover senior police officers are being paid astonishing and excessive salaries, bonuses and expenses that would make the recent MP expenses scandal seem trivial by comparison.

HMIC's report, 'Valuing the Police' shows that only 11% of the police are visibly
available to the public, despite year-on-year increases to budgets for the last 40 years. HMIC warns that with looming budget cuts, the availability of the police to the public will be even further reduced, unless there is a total redesign of the police. Our report delves deeper!

Frontline police response numbers is a very emotive subject, both to the officers
engaged in that role and to the public in receipt of the service they provide from

limited resources.
This report follows our 43 police force freedom of information request about front line numbers and spells out the need for a serious re think and closer examination of the allocation of resources to the front line response within forces.
STOP POLICE CUTS   As police authorities and Chief Constables decide how they will deliver their share of the budget cuts, this report provides evidence that there is simply no case to answer in allowing frontline resources to be compromised or in any way affected by the cuts.  There are far too many other areas, whose contributory value is surrounded by doubt as to their worth and effectiveness in delivering improved operational efficiency.

This report makes the contraversial announcement that crime statistics are manipulated by senior officers to show the current political party is more effective than the last at dealing with crime. This deceitful practice cheats the taxpayer and worse, provides a lucrative bonus scheme for the Senior Officers involved.

This brief paper highlights the area that causes great anxiety among rank and file police officers - that their integrity is compromised on a daily basis in administering a crime recording system where recorded crime and detections are manipulated shamefully by senior officers.

"Gaming" is prevalent in forces all over England and Wales and represents the biggest con against the tax paying public.

Never has the police service had so much money, so many officers or such access to technology. Yet never has public dissatisfaction with the police been so widespread. Complaints against the police have doubled in the past three years. This big increase, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, is due to allegations from law-abiding, middle-class, middle-aged and retired people. These traditional supporters of the police have never felt so let down. We discover why.

Unless the police governance system is transformed, any substantive programme of reform will suffer the same fate as those that preceded it: opposition within different parts of the service followed by a government ‘U-turn’ for fear of a politically costly conflict with the police. The first reform priority therefore has to be to design a system of governance that is more coherent and less fragmented and that empowers local and national police leaders to deliver change in the public interest. Our report explores the options available.


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