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PC James Patrick - A Welcome Update!

Crime stats whistleblower 'will not be sacked'

Outside force reviews evidence against PC and concludes it is not gross misconduct.
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A Metropolitan Police officer who gave evidence publicly about the manipulation of crime statistics will not be sacked, the force has agreed.

PC James Patrick (pictured) was due to face a gross misconduct hearing – and, by extension, potentially dismissal – over his book The Rest Is Silence, proceeds from which went to the Care of Police Survivors charity.

The force claimed he had not declared the book, which makes claims about police manipulation of statistics and criticises recent reforms to the service, as a business interest.

While he was due to face to gross misconduct proceedings, PC Patrick also made headlines by testifying about the manipulation of crime statistics before the Public Administration Select Committee.

But another force has reviewed the evidence against him and said he should only face a misconduct meeting, where dismissal is not an option.

The Met, which has accepted this, said it had requested the review “in light of the significant interest in this case”. PC Patrick will face a misconduct meeting, chaired by an inspector.

Karen Todner, from PC Patrick's solicitors Kaim Todner, said: “We are pleased to advise that following a management review, the Metropolitan Police are not proceeding with the full disciplinary hearing against PC Patrick.

“They have determined that PC Patrick’s conduct amounts to misconduct and accordingly this matter will now proceed to a misconduct meeting at a date and time to be arranged.PC James Patrick continues to defend the allegations.”

Thin Blue Line Comment

Many congratulations James. We sincerely hope that this is the first step to vindicating your courageous commitment to exposing the truth about the scandal of police recorded crime and statistics.

After years of campaigning from this site and others like it, along with many brave officers who have shown great integrity sadly lacking in many of their senior officers, the scurrilous and pernicious deception foisted upon the general public seems likely to be exposed.

We continue to hope that the Chief Officers of ACPO and SMT ranks will finally be held to account, for it is THEY who must be held responsible for this disgraceful travesty.

It is THEY who have benefitted financially from exorbitant 15% bonus payments for fallacious crime reduction figures.

It is THEY who are being dragged, lying, denying, obfuscating, scheming and kicking to admit the truth that many have known or suspected all along, that the now discredited police recorded crime and the equally fallacious detections are manipulated for political, career and monetary gain, whilst rank and file officers have their professional integrity compromised as they are pressured into implementing strategies they know to be corrupt.

It is the ACPO and SMT rank officers who could have stopped this fiasco in its tracks. It is THEY who chose to perpetuate the myth of falling crime, for their own selfish, corrupt motives.

It is THEY who, even now, with all of the evidence being exposed for the world to see, who are desperately fighting to protect their careers, pensions and fiefdoms.

It is THEY who will undoubtedly point the accusatory finger at junior officers for strategies THEY constructed, orchestrated, enforced or at the very least condoned.

It is THEY who must answer to this. It is THEY, who in all likelihood, will walk away scot free, having been ultimately responsible for the decimation of the police service so many have been proud to commit their lives to.

It is THEY who will likely evade punishment for depriving the tax paying public with the police service we deserve.

Yes, politicians and Home Office civil servants of all persuasions have played their part, many of whom now display a sense of mock surprise and horror at the revelations we have seen. Many of them knew full well what was happening, yet chose to capitalise on the opportunity to boast that crime had fallen to unprecedented levels. Rest assured, THEY KNEW!

ACPO and SMT rank officers lacked the integrity, honesty and courage required to stop the rot. They were the only ones who could have resisted the pressure to manipulate and distort crime. They failed in their sworn duty to the general public and the rank and file officers they command when they chose the corrupt and crooked path. It's high time those who are responsible were brought to book. They do not meet the standard we expect of our most senior police officers. They have not only failed us, they have betrayed our trust and faith in them.

The only just result of the crime statistics mess, is that those officers who KNEW full well what they were doing and chose the wrong crooked path, should face criminal or at the very least severe disciplinary punishment.

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