Saturday, 29 August 2009


Numerous articles appeared in the press over the last week or so about strategy being implemented by the Police at Richmond.
There has been an upsurge in Theft From Motor Vehicles in the area, many as a result of careless motorists leaving valuables on display and/or the vehicle insecure.
The strategy is part of a new crime prevention scheme, where officers will be on the lookout for cars which are unlocked, have open windows or doors left ajar.
They remove any valuables from the car and leave a letter on the driver’s seat, which explains what happened and who they need to contact to retrieve their goods.
Valuables can be collected from the nearest police station and a ‘crime prevention’ note will be left with the driver or posted to their address.

Police are hoping the scheme will increase awareness of leaving vehicles unsecured and reduce a recent rise in car theft.

Am I expecting too much of the British public to applaud the efforts of the Richmond old bill here?
I have seen countless MOP responses, many supported by the media, to the tune of "The police have no right to enter my property" or "surely that's theft".
What rubbish!
We all know there is no intention to permanently deprive so theft doesn't come into it. Worse though is the seemingly natural instinct of some MOP to attach the police even when they are doing their job "Protecting life & property & preventing crime" (brings back memories!). What would they rather the lads do? Leave the insecure vehicle for the scrotes to nick the stuff then moan because the police failed to act? The guys at Richmond must be well cheesed off with it.
Here are a few links to show you what's being said :-
AND one with some really stupid comments.....
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