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Welcome to "The Thin Blue Line", the latest issue from the Crime Analysis Team at Nice 1 Limited.

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The Thin Blue Line has the specific focus of raising consumer awareness and public interest about the unseen issues of crime and policing in the UK today.


The Home Office, senior civil servants & police officers would have us believe, through carefully constructed media headlines that crime is decreasing annually in the UK.

The frontline police officers perform an excellent job in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Thieir task is exacurbated by the misreporting and non reporting of crime and meanwhile, millions of pounds in taxpayers' money is wasted and frittered away while the thin blue line is crushed under the burden of mad, politically correct bureaucracy, as crime statistics are fiddled shamelessly and crime spirals ever upwards.


The team at Nice 1 have immense sympathy and support for the front line police officers. This site has been created, partly in support of those officers, and partly to raise public awareness about the true picture of crime and policing in the UK.

Many millions of the taxpayers money has been thrown at proposals for reducing bureacracy in the police force, with little or no effect. Despite the Government proudly boasting that the ranks of the police have swollen, frontline reports suggest that few if any of the extra resources have resulted in more "coppers on the beat". It is estimated that 80% of police resources are deskbound performing administrative functions, leaving busy city areas under resourced in the busiest periods.

From these pages we will "put flesh on the bones" with detailed analysis of the crime statistics and real reports from real police officers.


Unfortunately, incidents such as the exposure of DC Richard Horton, the Lancashire Detective who published a popular blog (receiving many thousands of daily hits until its forced closure), discourage many officers from speaking out.

A number of bobbies continue valiantly in their attempts to bring the truth into the public arena. However, it is clear that senior officers with UK forces acvtively discourage the practice, for fear that the truth may actually be brought to the surface. Officers fear that their career progress will be halted or even worse.

The Thin Blue Line represents a voice for those grass roots coppers who want to express an informed opinion about crime statistics, police policy and processes in general, insofar as they are in the public interest.

This site will not condone or support scurrilous defamation, racist or insulting activity, or comments that might bring another officer or his force into disrepute. Neither will it knowingly engage in activity that might adversly affect any individual The site will however, report frequently on issues that are within the public interest, that require answers.

Whilst some media and judicial commentators voice the opinion that an argument has greater value if the source is identified, this it outweighed by the contrary argument that the truth may never surface without the well intended contributions of officers in the know.

It is not in the interests of the presiding Government to concede that crime and policing are failing our society. That would lose votes.

The public deserves to know the truth, however stark the facts may be. How else can the correct resources be applied, financially or operationally to improve the situation? Police Force websites and press departments speak of the public right to information. Such information is only of value if it is complete and accurate.

The Thin Blue Line will report on these truths, passing the information wherever appropriate to the "powers that be" who do not have a vested interest in providing misinformation.

There will be contraversial information disclosed, that is to be expected if there is to be any influence exerted and improvements made.

General comments and replies are welcome on the site, from members of the public, police officers, serving, former, volunteer or retired, police civilians, media, judiciary, in fact anyone who has an interest in how crime is reported and policed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Crime Analysis Team

Nice 1 Limited


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