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In July each year, the Home Office produce the British Crime survey. The document relies upon two sets of statistics, police recorded crime and estimates drawn from a national survey of a large selection of members of the public.

The latest analysis from the team at Nice 1 has drawn together information from the 2008/09 British Crime Survey, prior surveys going back to 2002, and the Office for National Statistics for population figures of England & Wales both for the current year and relevant prior years.

To view or download the report click here. The report will also be posted in the side bar opposite.

The report contains observations that may be viewed as controversial in some quarters. Crime is under reported and misreported, which exacerbates the task of arriving at accurate data. This not only reduces public confidence, but also triggers the accusations of political advantage gained through manipulation of figures. Major reform is required if confidence is to be restored and the correct financial and human resources applied to deal with the problem. The reports and postings from this site are viewed by ministers and senior decision makers from Westminster and the UK police forces of  England & Wales. It is hoped that the observations and suggestions for reform contained on these pages will serve to raise public awareness of crime and policing issues and perhaps act as supportive material for those empowered to implement changes that are needed in the Criminal Justice System.

The latest report explores key areas affecting the accuracy (or otherwise) of crime statistics gathered and presented by the Home Office. We will maintain that the decreases in crime so proudly boasted by the Government are illusory, a pernicious conspiracy intended to deceive the tax paying public into believing the media hype producing political and financial advantage.

The Government are ultimately responsible for this sham. In creating a performance target driven Criminal Justice System, they have caused a tangled web of bureaucratic systems to be implemented within the police service, disguising the true picture of crime and defeating the ends of justice the system is meant to serve.

In targeting senior police officers to reduce crime and increase detections with lucrative target related bonuses, (senior officers receive 15% on top of their six figure incomes for achieving performance targets), the Government is assisted in its plot by a team of co-conspirators. Senior officers looking to progress further are encouraged to devise systems and procedures that perpetuate the illusion of reducing crime and increased detections.

The report looks in detail at :-

  • The strength of each police force in England & Wales from 2002 to present day

  • The population for each police force area for the corresponding period

  • BCS & recorded crime levels for each force & region for the period

Finally, the report brings all of the information together to display the disparity between the two systems and how this adds additional burden to the frontline police officer and how it affects the frequency of crime.

The report concludes that the tax payer is being cheated and deceived. Senior officers who have tried to bring the truth to the surface are conveniently removed to keep the “Gravy Train” on its tracks. Another victim of this plot is the front line police officer. When Chief Constables announce yet another year of decreased crime, the paymasters cannot justify increased budgets when a force has allegedly performed so well with its existing financial and human resources. The cycle to perform continues and the deception increases.

The front line officer suffers with increased bureaucracy, crippling systems, sub standard equipment and the inevitable low morale. The public suffer through the system failing to provide the level of service expected by society from its police force.

To read the report now click here. Comments and observations are welcome on these pages or directly to the team at

Crime Analysis Team
Nice 1 Ltd


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