Monday, 7 June 2010


On 27th May 2010, Nick Herbert, the policing minister announced the force by force budget cuts of £125 million in the written ministerial statements in Parliament. 

In our latest report, we look in detail at the existing costs incurred, on a force by force basis, enabling us to demonstrate that these cuts can be delivered by prudent Chief Officers and their respective police association, without compromising the frontline officer and resources.  

We explore four key options amongst those available :- 
  • OPTION 1: Reducing PCSO Strength
  • OPTION 2: Reducing police staff  
  • OPTION 3: Reducing non staff costs  
  • OPTION 4: Shared cuts non staff/PCSO/police staff
We also list numerous other areas that are more worthy of scrutiny and consideration for cost cutting than essential frontline salaries and resources.

As police authorities and Chief Constables decide how they will deliver their share of the £125million in budget cuts, there is simply no case to answer in allowing frontline resources to be compromised or in any way affected by the cuts. There are far too many other areas, whose contributory value is surrounded by doubt as to their worth and effectiveness in delivering improved operational efficiency.

To read or download the full report click here.


thinblueline said...

Fact is you allways see three pcso's walking together due to "risk evaluation"

Whats the cost of 3 or two even uniform hangers verses a sworn officer !

Anonymous said...

1.Police officer. Can be deployed anywhere, have shifts changed at short notice, made to stay on duty,can work in almost any department without further training...etc etc.

Lets not forget the no striking too.

2.PCSO's sorry guys you cannot arrest,investigate crime or be deployed to CID,custody,csu,cmu,front office,drive response fast to emma calls, need I go on...

I think you can see where things are going. PCSO's have been good in some respects but there is just not the ££. The BOW STREET runners did fine in 1749 without you. I think the most police forces/services can do it for another 260 years without you.

Anonymous said...

DirectGov e-petition to stop police cuts:

Michael Patrick Cole said...

Please join our group and add your voice!!! Sign the e-petition and we'll be heard!!!

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