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The gold-standard "national statistics" status has been withdrawn from police recorded crime figures following repeated allegations that some of the quarterly published figures have been subject to "a degree of fiddling".

The UK Statistics Authority said it had taken the decision as a result of "accumulating evidence" that the underlying data on crimes recorded by the police may be unreliable.

To read the UK Statistics Authority report detailing their decision click the link below:-

The decision by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) to withdraw national statistics designation from all crime data recorded by the police will intensify concern about trust in the police.

Sir Andrew Dilnot, the UKSA chairman, announced the move in a letter to Bernard Jenkin MP, who is overseeing a House of Commons inquiry into the way crime figures are operating.
It means the crime figures for England and Wales, which are published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), effectively come with a health warning.
Sir Andrew said there was “accumulating evidence” that the data collected by the 43 police forces may not be reliable.

He added: “The authority has ... removed the national statistics designation from statistics based on recorded crime data until such time as ONS, working with the Home Office, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, or other appropriate bodies, is able to demonstrate that the quality of the underlying data, and the robustness of the ongoing audit and quality assurance procedures, are sufficient to support the production of police recorded crime statistics to a level of quality that meets users’ needs.”


At last, recognition from the statistics watchdog that what we have espoused from this site for many years is based in fact, police recorded crime has for many years been perniciously and ruthlessly manipulated and fiddled.


The Chief Officers of the 43 police forces of England and Wales must now accept responsibility for either creating, or at the very least, condoning the corrupt strategies that have led us to this mess. It is THEY who have been promoted, received 15% bonuses on top of already exorbitant salaries, whilst they pressured rank and file officers to compromise their integrity carrying out their scandalous tactics.

Politicians of all colours down the years have used the fallacious fantasy of declining crime to further their political aims and careers. There can be no doubt that the cuts in officer numbers and resources were largely based on many years of fiddled crime statistics.


Many thousands of victims of crime whose plight has not been taken seriously. The tax paying public have been left vulnerable with a dramatically weakened "Thin Blue Line" of officers left to perform the work required. The rank and file officers, whose morale has sunk to unimaginably low ebbs, thanks in no small way to the arrogance and criminally corrupt practices of their seniors. They have seen their numbers depleted to dangerously low levels, sanctioned by politicians who tried to convince the general public that the police service could do more with less.


There must be a root and branch investigation, tracing back senior officer antecedents to their prior forces. If they fiddled in their current force, they will have brought the disease of their corruption with them from their prior placements. These officers must be brought to account. Their actions are nothing less than corruption. Those responsible for the malaise are not fit for leadership in the highest and most trusted of public offices. They are not police officers as we expect them to be, above reproach, but lower than the criminal fraternity we pay them to protect us from.

Politicians who sought to use recorded crime statistics to con the public crime was falling and then to slash officer numbers and resources to danger point, namely those in office now and under the previous Labour Government must not be allowed to walk away scot free. They too have benefitted by spinning the lie that they MUST have known was in fact the biggest "Crime Of The Century".

Today was a good day. Not the end of the fight by any means, but a bloody nose to those who would practice this corrupt and divisive activity. The books must start again, but not until the public can have confidence in the probity of the numbers. ONLY THEN, may we finally get the police service and criminal justice system this country deserves and needs.


PC James Patrick - Who showed courage and integrity so lacking in his seniors, by standing bravely in front of the PASC review to expose this rot.
Retired DCI Rodger Patrick - Who for ten years has devoted so much of his life to this cause, to finally prize open the can of worms and reveal the truth about police recorded crime.
Bernard Jenkin MP - Who stood firm in the face of the denials from Chief Officers and politicians, determined the truth would be heard.
ALL POLICE BLOGGERS - Many of whom had their careers blighted in their brave efforts to blow the whistle on the activities of their bosses. Thank you Copperfield, Nightjack, Gadget, and others too numerous to mention.
ALL RANK & FILE OFFICERS - Who face the pits and dangers of our communities day in, day out, having also to contend with Chief and SMT Officer practices that must have left them sick to the stomach with their professional integrity threatened and in tatters.
Everyone that has contributed or supported the cause of truth this far.

Today brings hope for the future, let us pray that it is the spark to ignite the flames of badly needed reform.

Stay safe guys
Kind regards

Steve Bennett
Retired West Midlands Police Officer



Hogdayafternoon said...

To paraphrase old Winston: Most definitely not the end. Not even the the beginning of the end. But maybe the end of the beginning.

Crime Analyst said...

ACPO Press Office
National policing lead on crime statistics, Chief Constable Jeff Farrar, has responded to today’s report from the UK Statistics Authority, removing the National Statistics designation for stats arising from recorded crime data.

Mr Farrar said:

“We are very disappointed in the move made today by the UK Statistics Authority to remove the National Statistics designation on statistics arising out of recorded crime data.

“It comes at a time when the service is seeking to make crime stats more transparent, more accountable and assure the public of both the figures’ accuracy and their integrity.

“Statistics play a vital role in holding the police accountable for the work they do, assuring the public of the service’s ongoing fight against crime and reassuring them with regard to the safety of their communities.

“Our work on improving the production of stats will go on regardless of today’s decision, and we hope to see the National Statistics designation restored very shortly.”

For more information contact

ACPO Press Office
Association of Chief Police Officers

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