Friday, 4 September 2009


For anyone wondering what has happened to the "Coppers Blog" produced by PC David Copperfield (Stu Davidson), reprinted below is an article released today by Dan Hill from Monday Books.

Coppersblog - It's Not Another Nightjack

We've been emailed and telephoned by a number of people about the closure of Coppersblog.

It had come as a surprise to me - although Stuart is a good friend, we're not in daily contact - so I spoke to him briefly last night.For those who are concerned for him, don't be - he's fine. There's nothing sinister about it, he's just thinking about how and whether he wants to continue the blog and, in the meantime, has taken it off line. He may well be back.

Stuart started The Policeman's Blog in 2003 (the archive only goes back to 2005, but that's because he lost it when he took it down temporarily once before).That's a long time for anyone to keep writing, especially when conditions - personal and geographical - have changed so much.

It may be that he's said all he wants to say; certainly, Inspector Gadget is more relevant to the modern British reader now than Copperfield (Gadget's latest post is a cracker; I don't remember Stephen Fry starting a twitter campaign about the NHS when those 400 deaths were revealed.).

It wouldn't be right to finish the post without inviting you to buy Stuart's book, but if you're feeling the pinch here's a free extract.

Posted by Dan
Posted by News from Monday Books at 11:44

To visit the Monday Books blog click this link

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For the time being therefore, the link to David Copperfields site in the Police Blogs section will not reach the pages.

Kind Regards

Crime Analyst
Nice 1 Limited

CA Comment : We would concur with Dans' comments about Inspector Gadgets latest blog article, well worth a read! To read it now click here


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