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'Interfering politicians put service at risk'

POLITICAL interference in policing will damage the service's reputation 'beyond repair', the president of the Superintendents' Association warned this week. Ian Johnston issued a stark warning about politicians meddling in policing, adding that the operational independence of chief officers is at risk.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

No politics in policing, says head of ACPO

POLITICS should play no part in the operational delivery of policing, the new ACPO president has said. Speaking this weekend, Sir Hugh Orde rubbished claims the Met was being controlled by the Conservative Party.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Met denies working to Conservative agenda

THE Met commissioner has hit back at suggestions that the Conservative Party has Scotland Yard 'working to its agenda'. In response to comments made by Kit Malthouse, London's deputy mayor for policing and vice-chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Sir Paul Stephenson said that no political party sets priorities for the Met

[first posted to - 04 September 2009]

Partners in crime

Not every police officer enjoys working night shifts - but for Supt Jon Betts they give him a chance to stay connected with the front line and 'get in the thick of it'. Nursing yet another cup of coffee - fuel to help him through the long, unpredictable shifts - he says: 'I love nights
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Institutional denial

Michael Mansfield QC says he is preparing to 'upset a few people' when he addresses the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales next week. He has, of course, previous form for highlighting the faults and failures of the police service while representing the families of Stephen Lawrence and Jean Charles de Menezes, to name but a few
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

QC warns public order cops can become 'possessed' by uniform

THE length of time police officers work together in public order units should be limited to stop a 'mob mentality' from developing among them, one of the country's most high profile lawyers has said. Michael Mansfield QC, who said some officers become 'possessed' when they put on their uniform, suggested a time limit of two years.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Conference call

The policing White Paper is due to be published later this year. What can police officers expect from this? AnswerThe focus will be on accountability.
[first posted to - 07 September 2009]

Unite and conquer

More than 80 basic command units have been done away with by police forces in England and Wales since 2003 and further reductions look likely. As a result many superintendents are finding themselves in charge of larger and larger areas and responsible for more officers and staff
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

The Station Sergeant

Junk mailI have been sent a leaflet published by the NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency, also known as: No Point In Asking). They have sent out this little gem (see news, page 7), I imagine, as a way of helping us boost the public's confidence
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Scottish forces 'should focus on victims'

MORE needs to be done to improve how victims view the Scottish police service, according to the Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland. Bill Skelly, who has headed HMIC for Scotland for four months, told Police Review he was aware of a 'big gap' between the service that victims expect and the service they actually receive.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

End blame culture, says complaints chief

OFFICERS and staff assaulting members of the public and rude bobbies are two of the top complaints levied at Scottish forces, the new head of its policing watchdog has said. John McNeill, the police complaints commissioner for Scotland, revealed the most common complaints before the organisation publishes its annual complaints statistics in the autumn.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Ploddledygook Hanson aims to upskill recruits

THE requirement for police officers to have degrees to join the job is being considered for potential inclusion in the Government's White Paper on policing, Police Review can reveal. In an exclusive interview this week, David Hanson, police minister, said 'the issue [of police officers having degrees] will probably form part of our discussions about the White Paper' due to be published later this year
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Anxious and depressed supers must be nursed back to health

THE health and wellbeing of superintendents and chief superintendents in England and Wales is getting 'worse not better', according to their staff association. Supt Robin Jarman, the Superintendents' Association's lead on command resilience, said he is disappointed that superintendents are not taking on more responsibility to improve their own health
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

'Don't ban retired bobbies from working'

THE National Association of Retired Police Officers has hit out at Conservative Party suggestions that retired officers could be barred from rejoining the police service. The association was responding to comments from George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, on the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show last Sunday.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Knock bosses' heads together, says bureaucracy basher Berry

SENIOR members of the criminal justice system 'need to knock their heads together' and work together to cut policing red tape, the Government's advocate for reducing bureaucracy has said. Jan Berry told Police Review that the criminal justice system 'does not do what it says on the tin' and it needs urgent improvements to reduce bureaucracy.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

APA calls last orders on imbalance of power

THE power-sharing between ACPO, the Home Office and the Association of Police Authorities needs to be rebalanced, the outgoing APA chairman has said. Speaking before he steps down next Wednesday (16 September), Bob Jones told Police Review his association was 'perceived as the weaker' side of the tripartite structure that oversees the police service and that it had to deal with 'considerably less resources' than its counterparts.
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

Sorry is not the hardest word, says NPIA

'WRITE better letters', 'train staff who hold public meetings' and 'say sorry when you fail' are three of the top tips issued by the National Policing Improvement Agency to help police officers improve public confidence. Police managers have been issued with a list of top tips on how to please the public and hit the Government's single public confidence target, in line with the introduction of its 'policing pledge'
[first posted to - 09 September 2009]

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