Thursday, 3 September 2009


On behalf of the team at Nice 1 Ltd, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise openly to the author of the police blog "200 weeks".

When adding the valued police links to our three consumer sites ttp:// and this site , we added 200 to the first two, but inadvertently omitted to add the link to the Thin Blue Line.

This was a genuine oversight on my part, totally down to me I'm afraid, and the 200 link is now in its place in the police blog links to the right. I would recommend every reader to visit the 200 site.

An extract from the 200 site is reprinted below from the authors "About Me" section :-

August 2005

I’m just a regular police officer who has dedicated his entire working life to the police service and the public of the area I serve.

I’ve spent my entire service ‘in the trenches’ as a front-line officer. I’ve never gone for promotion preferring to spend my time dealing with the stuff I enjoy; wearing a blue suit & driving fast cars*!

I’ve got under 200 weeks to go before I retire. Although I love the elements of the job I joined for almost 30 years ago, the other stuff just makes we wish my retirement was closer. I can’t wait ’til the day I can say “I’m outta here”.

To see what the author is doing now, click here

Once again, many apologies to 200 for the oversight!

Kind Regards


Crime Analyst
Nice 1 Limited


200weeks said...

I've just seen this, thanks very much, but no need for such a public apology!
Appreciate the link.

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