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Inspector Gadget is a real life senior police officer, fed up with the fiasco of manipulated crime figures & detections, mountains of paperwork that keep his team off the streets doing the job they love (locking up the bad guys), and all the crazy, politically correct nonsense and bureaucracy that is thwarting the delivery of justice in this country. For the first time ever, a senior policeman – writing under an assumed name for fear of exposure – breaks ranks to tell the truth about the collapse of law and order in the UK.

Anyone who has taken the trouble to read his book, "Perverting the course of justice" will have detected that the man behind it and his long running, extremely popular blog, cares a great deal about the standard of policing the tax payer receives.

With access to statistics about frontline police strength (much lower than you think), exclusive inside information on the political targets and interference which are bedevilling officers and detailed analysis of the lies politicians and senior police officers tell, his explosive book and blog reveals how bad things really are.


Make no mistake, the truth of policing and the Criminal Justice System in the UK in 2009, make for a truly sad indictment of how low this country has sunk in its self destructive pursuit of all things politically correct.

There is a delicate balancing act involved in a country that promotes civil liberties and yet seeks to deliver an effective justice system. Whilst both sides contribute valued and informed views to the debate, extremism on either side results in a lack of confidence from one section of the community or another.

The front line police officer is an excellent barometer of public opinion on the matter. Inspector Gadget tells some home truths about the decline of the justice system in an articulate, persuasive and informed manner.

Witnessing and dealing with society at its worst, more often than not without complaint or descension, the front line officer is well placed to form an accurate opinion of the state of our nation. There are well informed and articulate officers trying their level best in the face of considerable adversity to protect our society from moral decay. It is immensly frustrating to commit your life to an honourable cause, only to find the way blocked by extremist views that often serve to obstruct the delivery of the quality of justice and policing that is required.

Having read Gadgets' book and followed his blog for some time, the authors of this site were dismayed to witness an unwarranted attack on his character by a clearly frustrated civil liberties extremist over the last 24 hours. We won't dignify this extremists views by naming him. He has the right to public expression, and gadget, as the owner of the blog has the right to veto, delete and moderate comments that appear on the pages. This particular extremist takes pleasure in colouring his views with an all too often condescending and attacking flavour. Under different identities, this person makes attacking comments on other sites. It is hardly suprising therefore that his comments receive scant respect from other contributors. In a most recent act of defiance against gadget, this person has threatened to make a complaint against the police for "improper conduct".  A truly desperate measure from an individual with extremist views who is clearly desperate to have those views aired, regardless of the mass of contrary opionion.

On the basis of all that we have seen, we would openly condemn the activities of this individual and offer our support and encouragement to "Inspector Gadget" and other good spirited police bloggers forced into anonimity by the system.  Your identity is of no interest to us, and this persons desire to have you "outed" is scurrilous and serves no useful purpose for the public interest.  


The introduction of PACE (the Police and Criminal Evidence Act) was a sledgehammer to crack a very small minority nut of police officers. Since its introduction, the civil liberties supporters have developed an extremist element whose beliefs are not representative of the community as a whole. Certain sections of the civil liberties communities have created an anti police - anti authority stance, which threatens the admininstering of justice and the right to a peaceful, undisturbed quality of life. No one could deny the need for adequate civil liberty in a civilised society. No right minded police officer would argue with the principle. However, there comes a time, when extremist views threaten to damage the fabric of society.

Article 10: Right to freedom of expression - The Human Rights Act

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by a public authority and regardless of frontiers.

2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for the maintaining of the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

When public safety is compromised, when disorder threatens to erupt, when the balance shifts in favour of criminal activity, when the right of the majority to live a peaceful existence diminishes, then it is time to consider whether the balance has shifted so far toward politically correct activity. We must consider whether the extremist activity of the civil liberty supporters is having a damaging effect on the nation as a whole.

Politicians need to take a few steps back in order to take the country forward. Ask the public what they want on this seriously important issue. Let true democracy speak for the nation.

If there is disatisfaction and declining confidence with the public sector departments, including the police service, politicians need to be absolutely transparent and honest about possible solutions. Face up to the fact that there have been some serious errors of judgement and direction, compounded by excessive political influence and many would say interference. When pointing the finger of blame at the police service, look at the hand doing the pointing . . . .  invariably, one finger is pointed at the "accused" with three more pointing back toward the "accuser".  For honourable politicians reading these words, please listen to what the public are pleading for, HEAR what is being said, and take swift and decisive action to deliver the quality of democracy the majority of society is silently praying for.

The authors of this site are pleased to report that its contents are being monitored by senior politicians who have the welfare of this country and society at heart. Our plea to you at this juncture, is to listen to the silent voice of the general public. If the voices are too low to hear, please don't wait until they become a scream for help. Ask for their opinion, get the consensus you need, deliver true and transparent democracy and watch the public support and confidence return.

The Crime Analysis Team
Nice 1 Limited


200weeks said...

Well said. A perfectly reasonable & cogent analysis of the problems created by this individual who is so blinkered by his own feeling of self importance, any reasonable argument he may have is completely lost.
I had gthe misfortune for him to rant about this incident on my own blog (which I duly deleted such is the worthyness of his diatribe).
Kepp up the good work

Sergeant Simon said...

My own thoughts on said character is that he is quite frankly a bored student or teenager. I got the police complaint comment and yes deleted it. I'm very much in favour of debate and am aware I'm not always right but I don't have the time for nonsensical diatribes, which was how I would describe his posts at the best of times

Crime Analyst said...

200 & Sarge,

Thanks for your comments. I agree with both.
In every community there will be a spread of views, some popular others less so.

After ten years in the job and 20+ since in civvy street, one of the things I will always be grateful for is a sense of balance & perspective the combination provides.

A major driver for creating this site was the massive public support for the police when out & about. We meet hundreds of people every month, from every strata of society. When the subject turns to the police & the state of the nation, there is an overwhelming sense of respect. Unfortunately, there is also a lack of understanding of what the job entails these days and how frustrating it is, not to be able to deliver the service you joined for.

That lack of public awareness is what seems to create the different reactions. There is mild confusion, not understanding why/how the police are hindered in their job, (but with a willingness to listen), then there is the extremist, who, without any experience based knowledge, form their own, all too often misguided views (as with this individual).

When the old bill part of my past crops up, and I relate some of the obstructions, experiences and difficulties, the reaction is nearly always one of understanding and acceptance, a light bulb moment as it were.

As blog authors, we moderate the comments of extremists. Respecting anothers right to a different viewpoint is healthy for informed debate. When the views are extreme, offensive or disruptive to the debating forum, its time to reach for the moderate or delete button.

We have been made aware that this site and the links attached, are now being viewed by supportive senior politicians & others in authority. Our collective effort is one of raising public awareness about the facts of the criminal justice system today, whether it be by the occasional acceptable rant, or in the form of structured articles. As such, we moderate the extremist element from both sides, to keep the message balanced and representative of the majority view.

In conclusion, if the said individual shows his presence on this site, any such extremist and inflammatory comments will be moderated or deleted.

Thanks again for posting chaps, you DO have a wealth of support out there, keep up the great work.

Kind Regards


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